Provincial Punks in Margate

I had a fantastic summer’s day in Margate this week, and amongst the sand, sea and ice cream  I visited the Turner Contemporary to see the new Grayson Perry exhibition Provincial Punk.

It is predominantly made up from his ceramic pots.. each one is covered with intricate illustrations.. you can feel the time and effort he has put in.. and has also individually hand written paragraphs for every one of them detailing ideas and influences behind them.. These give a really personal touch and tell a story behind the piece..

I particurlaly liked the video he has playing of the creation of one his pots.. again an intimate touch that brings you closer to the artist in his creative hub.

You can’t help but be impressed with the humongous tapestries lining the walls not only by their sheer size but by the amount of detail he has put in..  He is a great visual story teller and every piece of his work is like reading a book.

The exhibition runs until Sept 13 2015